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Case Study – Government Department



A Government Department have looked for ways to enhance the software DevOps engineering delivery process. Based on the information provided, improvements to the current software delivery process are now required to increase the team’s agility, response to changes, and mitigate risks associated with software failures and incidents. 

To realise the benefits, TL Consulting, practitioners in DevOps, assist with a DevOps Engineering services to help with infrastructure provisioning in AWS cloud, infrastructure automation (IAC using Cloud Formation), CI/CD, and setting up observability and monitoring requirements using AWS Cloud Watch for an ongoing project delivery.

Services Included:

Gitlab, AWS EKS, AWS ECS, Dynatrace, Cloud Formation, Docker, Kubernetes, Service Now, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Jenkins, and AWS Identity management.


Increased team’s agility and response to change 

Risk mitigation through automation and quality gates in the changes

Decreased time to market of incremental changes 

Automation Adoption to reduce software delivery costs 

Automation Adoption to provision infrastructure services 

Enable more efficient use of the infrastructure services to reduce operational costs 



Provide DevOps & CICD implementation and support capabilities


AWS Infrastructure Provisioning and Support (Some of the services including Lambda, and ECS Fargate, but not limited to other AWS Services)


Infrastructure automation using Cloud Formation 


Design and Build CI/CD DevOps pipelines using Gitlab, Bambo and Jenkins servers


Cloud resources deployment on AWS Cloud Infrastructure, 


Delivery of regular deployments to pre-production and production environments. 


Observability and monitoring capabilities using AWS Cloud Watch 


Maintain DCS team standards, requirements surrounding knowledge management 


Strong communication and collaboration skills 


Pipeline and infrastructure optimise automation model.  


Align to agreed standards surrounding security management. 


Documentation and Transition 

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