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Your Cloud Native Journey

Fast forward two years to your containerised applications, running in a Cloud Native tech stack. Your teams are actively using AWS, GCP and or Azure, along with Kubernetes and Docker. Now the business has the flexibility and reliability to care for your customers through robust DevOps practices. This success was accelerated by the collaboration between your team and our certified Kubernetes experts at TL Consulting.

Rewind to the present day and you’re in the right place. You can now accelerate your cloud native journey with TL Consulting. We’re dedicated to making Kubernetes simple, by overcoming common challenges and creating a clear pathway for adoption.


Your Kubernetes Opportunity




Kubernetes and Cloud

Container orchestration is the key to underpinning your business evolution, moving away from monolithic applications to Cloud native.

Kubernetes Overview

Kubernetes is an innovative open-source orchestration system designed for Cloud Native environments. It is used for automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications.

When implemented correctly, containerisation can offer you greater portability, agility, flexibility and velocity. At TL Consulting, we build and deliver high performance Kubernetes platforms and rearchitect and containerize applications to support rapid and continuous development and deployment on the Cloud.

TL Consulting offer extensive Kubernetes capabilities, including solutions and services designed to baseline and further optimise your readiness to transition into a Cloud Native environment.

A finely tuned and highly available Kubernetes deployment model

Transition to Continuous deployment and Cloud native faster

Integrated workflows to better optimise and streamline your automation

Obtain major reductions in infrastructure costs and TCO

Rapid onboarding is provided for your DevOps engineers

Transition to your target state, with training and enterprise support

An improved cross-team collaboration

Zero Downtime Deployments

 Transition to automaton and zero downtime deployments, with the most optimum container orchestration solution tailored to your business needs.

Kubernetes Solution

Container Orchestration

Orchestrate containers at scale with Kubernetes, GKE, EKS, and AKS

Container Delivery

Applications and dependencies delivered in highly secure, portable and scalable Docker containers.

Cost Optimization

Business focussed analysis, driving review of operational spend and value proposition around transitioning to target state. Opportunity to simplify and rationalise infrastructure platform, application workloads and business processes.

Multi-cloud Portability

Run and migrate by abstracting applications on a multi-cloud infrastructure model covering Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) & Microsoft Azure


Operationalise your Kubernetes clusters, with recommended monitoring tools in line with your technology stack and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE).

Services Overview

Kubernetes Advisory & Architecture Services

TL Consulting assess and advise on your readiness and the maturity of your business processes in order to run reliable, scalable, and secure Kubernetes clusters on the cloud in an efficient and optimised way.

Our Architecture team advise on best practices and focus on the most optimal end-to-end solution for your business. We baseline the as-is state and recommend a roadmap that enables your pathway to a highly automated DevOps and Continuous Delivery model.


Kubernetes Implementation & Enablement Services

TL Consulting support organisations implementation of container orchestration on the Cloud, with a view to build a comprehensive strategy that aligns to your business needs, providing flexibility along the way. Intent is to apply a model that enables continuous delivery and deployment, transitioning to highly automated solutions that maximise availability, scalability, security and agility.


Kubernetes Consulting Services

Regardless of your level of maturity, our Consultants are on hand to provide optimised and measurable performance improvements of your technology infrastructure and applications.

No matter how complex your business needs, we look to deliver Kubernetes solutions with the desired business outcomes in mind, giving you flexibility in order to scale your business on the Cloud to the next level of optimisation.

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