Azure Data Analytics Services

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with Azure Data Services

Azure Data Analytics Services

TL Consulting offer specialised and cost-effective Microsoft Azure Data Analytics Services designed to help you maximise the value from your data. Whether you’re new to Microsoft Azure Data services, you have recently migrated your data workloads to Azure or are looking to optimise your Azure data capabilities, TL Consulting can help you extract maximum value from your data leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Our Professional Services team have proven expertise delivering on Microsoft Azure’s Data Services ranging from managed database services, Azure data services along with machine learning & AI. Therefore you can use our team’s skills and expertise to uplift your data capabilities to stay ahead of your competition and make better-informed, data-driven decisions.

Our Value Proposition

On Demand Certified Azure Data Consultants (Rapid onboarding within 3 days)

Proven expertise delivering cost effective data advisory and data engineering services

Experienced with E2E Project Delivery in the Banking, Insurance, Government and Entertainment industries

Deploy and manage Azure Data Services with ease

Our Azure Data Consulting Services give you flexibility to jump start or optimise your data lifecycles

Your Microsoft Azure Data Opportunity

VMware Tanzu

Azure Data Advisory Services

VMware Tanzu

Azure Data Engineering Services

VMware Tanzu Consulting

Azure Data Bundles

Accelerate your Azure Data Adoption

 TL Consulting is committed to building unified data management and data governance to accelerate your Azure Data adoption

Azure Data Advisory Services

TL Consulting are committed to improving your data estate leveraging Microsoft Azure to ensure you can extract maximum value from your data to meet your business goals and objectives.

We provide data advisory services to assess your organisation’s data management capabilities and data governance in alignment to industry standards and best practices along with Microsoft Azure’s Well-Architectured Framework. 

We’ll work together to define your Target State with clear and defined outcomes along with a roadmap on how you can accelerate and mature your data practice on Microsoft Azure.

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Our Delivery Approach

Data Discovery

  • Identify data sources & data assets 
  • Define business goals, objectives and drivers
  • Document business use cases in alignment to industry-standard data management practices
  • Define data requirements & scope
  • Define & agree on the data capability areas to be assessed

Current State Assessment

  • Conduct detailed discovery workshops

  • Conduct data management maturity assessment against in-scope data capabilities and subject areas

  • Analyse details gathered against industry standard frameworks

  • Identify gaps with respect to people, processes and technology

  • Conduct SWOT analysis

Establish Target State Vision

  • Establish target state definition based on the current state assessment findings
  • Define & agree Azure data strategy
  • Establish target state vision
  • Define data work packages, effort and timelines
  • Develop an implementation roadmap with clear and defined outcomes (tactical vs strategic deliverables)

Accelerate your Azure Data Capabilities

Modernise your data practices and build your data platform on Azure by leveraging the correct data management practices and principles.

Azure Data Engineering Services

TL Consulting have strong expertise delivering scalable and resilient data solutions. We compliment your teams’ capabilities by understanding your business models, workflows and objectives. Our team focuses on driving projects and enhancing your data quality, while adhering to timelines and quantifiable outcomes.

Our dedicated data engineering team are Microsoft certified data engineering experts, coupled with years of experience delivering data engineering services, strategies and solutions. Our clients range from specialised data and analytics teams, through to organisations that have a mature data engineering practice. Due to this range in data engineering maturity, we can provide managed services or drive end-to-end project delivery. Additionally, our team offers flexible models at a fixed price.

Our expertise includes delivering solutions across the entire data lifecycle which includes data modelling, feature engineering, performance tuning, building and deploying data pipelines and delivering data analytics solutions, enabling organisations to automate and optimise their data delivery aligned to DataOps best practices. Our team are experienced with Microsoft Azure and have delivered scalable solutions using tools such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Synapse Analytics and Databricks. 

Azure Data Toolchain

Given that we offer expertise and flexibility, your team can tailor our Azure data engineering and Azure data analytics services to your business and project needs, significantly building your teams maturity and business capability and therefore supporting your enterprise with the right technology partner.

TL Consulting and Tanzu

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Microsoft Azure Data Service Bundles

If you are unsure about a bespoke solution, we have tailored bundles that help simplify your adoption of Microsoft Azure’s Data services. These bundles are designed to be lightweight, so your teams can witness Azure data enablement within weeks, with set objectives and deliverables. The Azure Data Services therefore can be tailored to your very needs.

Azure Data Acceleration Bundles

Azure Data Architecture

Advisory Services

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Designed for: Organisations who are new to Azure and are looking to define their Data Management Strategy

Example Deliverables:

Assess Current Data Estate & Tools

Data Management Assessment

Define Azure Data Vision

Develop Azure Data Strategy & Roadmap


Azure Data Analytics Services

Jump Start Implementation

Duration: 4-8 weeks

Designed for: Organisations looking to build their data analytics & data engineering foundation leveraging Microsoft Azure’s data analytics services

Example Deliverables:

Data Analysis, Selection & Verification

Define Analytics Requirements

Data Pipeline Definition & Configuration

Power BI Dashboard Design

Power BI Service Deployment


Azure Data Optimisation

Advanced Implementation

Duration: 10-12+ weeks

Designed for: Organisations looking to enhance their data platform and/or optimise DataOps practices leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Example Deliverables:

Data Analysis, Selection & Verification

Data Transformation / ETL

Data Modelling & Evaluation

Data Workload Optimisation

DataOps Pipeline Orchestration

Deployment & Operationalisation

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