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Case Study – Government Department



Our client has their DevOps and CI/CD practices are managed through the several tools fragmented by multiple instances Gitlab with redundant infrastructure and all the build and deployments are managed through multiple instances of Jenkins across the teams, while Gitlab is solely used for the source code management.

As a result of the obsolete tooling in the continuous integration and delivery pipeline, which make it difficult for engineering team to use the new features, it is necessary to speed up the delivery pipeline and raise the standard of software delivery.



Maintainability: High maintenance overhead managing multiple GitLab instances and Jenkins and low confidence in system stability preventing updates due to end-of-life.


Resiliency: The current CI/CD environment presents a high impact risk to the organization without any proper BCP and DR capabilities


Missing Key DevSecOps Capabilities: The current tooling is missing key features from newer versions of GitLab as well as the premium feature and support offerings.


High Technical Debt: There was an excessive amount of management work due to the heavy usage of outdate versions of Gitlab, Jenkins and plugins, which weren't maintained anymore or were too unstable to upgrade in the deployment environment.

Our Solution:

TL Consulting professional services team is assisted a comprehensive assessment, design and implementation of a Gitlab premium tier solution to realise more value from the CI/CD, that support and enhance the existing DevSecOps practices and tooling with appropriate design principles like high scalability, security, and resiliency and strong focus on migrating existing source code management tool, to cater for the DCS multi tenancy environment across the teams and future business needs while integrating their existing CI/CD pipeline tools. 


High level solution and infrastructure design for the future state CI/CD tooling.


Conducted a comparative analysis between the different solution options


Implemented improved backup and restore options with a disaster recovery plan


Install and configure the latest GitLab enterprise edition (with premium license)


Data migration from the existing environment to the new environment. 


Enhanced observability capabilities with a proactive monitoring and automated resolution.


Highly available and resilient environment with minimal to no impact to the delivery pipeline.


A better overall developer experience, from development through deployment.

Developers have opportunity to use new features like Faster code reviews, Shift-left security features, release controls, advanced CI/CD and so on.

Improved performance, availability, and uptime for the hosted Gitlab environment.

Less context switching and tool consolidation

Organization enablement and support towards cloud native transformation.

Massive reduction in RTO/RPO with the real time geo replication enablement.

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