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Embed End-to-End Quality

We provide industry standard software quality engineering services, specialising in test automation, application security testing and performance engineering.

Our certified engineers and consultants have expertise in DevSecops and quality engineering across Finance, Government and Entertainment industries. Additionally, our engineers are tool-agnostic and can manage multiple frameworks across all service layers and Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure & GCP).

Our Quality Engineering Services

QE Toolchain

Advisory Services

Transformation Services

According to the 2021 Accelerate State of DevOps report “Teams with high-quality documentation are 3.8x more likely to implement security best practices and 2.5x more likely to fully leverage the cloud to its fullest potential.”

Our Quality Engineering Toolchain and Expertise

Quality Engineering Toolchain

Quality engineering is a critical function within DevSecOps and Cloud Native ecosystems. But as many organisations are rapidly adopting these engineering standards, the quality engineering toolchain and documentation standards often aren’t maturing at the same rate.  Also, according to Gartner,


of service leaders say quality assurance processes are ineffective and rarely match up to the customers view of quality.

Because our team specialises in aligning to DevSecOps standards, we can address many shortcomings teams overlook.

Our Expertise

With over a decade in Quality Engineering consulting experience supporting the likes of Big 4 banks, government departments and financial institutions, we offer a unique blend of understanding legacy system constraints through to overcoming challenges of adopting modern applications. Therefore, we focus on helping organisations mature and optimise their project delivery standards through specialised expertise. To explain further, we transform Quality Engineering practices from becoming a bottleneck to a highly automated system that encourages team innovation. Additionally, our secure engineering frameworks promote continuous code quality, spot vulnerabilities early and security scanning. So that your teams are guaranteed robust automated solutions that meet customer expectations of quality.

With our Quality Engineering Services you can increase productivity and deliver business value faster than ever before.

Advisory Services

We assess your current quality engineering standards and coverage across test automation, performance testing and application security testing. Once completed, you will gain independent insights into your current state of maturity that is baselined against DevSecOps practices. Thus providing your team with direction and a roadmap to help mature your quality engineering function. Unlike other consultancies our internal professional services team can implement the recommended outcomes, working as an extension of your existing teams.

Artefacts and Assessments:


Quality Engineering maturity assessment


UI and API Test Automation & Framework Assessments


Non-Functional Testing Risk Assessments


Application Security Testing Assessments


Governance, Documentation and Code repository standards

Case Studies: View our success stories below

Leading Insurance Company

Our client had a major rollout of Salesforce as part of their Enterprise CRM transformation program

Leading Entertainment Company

We developed test automation assets across the client’s digital mobile application & support devices across iOS and Android.

Leading Government Agency

Designed & developed Test automation assets for several tier-1 critical emergency applications for a large government agency

If you need broad quality engineering expertise that aligns to DevSecOps, then engage our team to accelerate your transformation and embrace innovation.

Transformation Services

Test Automation

We provide transformation services which include designing and implementing best-fit automation frameworks to integrate with your organisation’s DevSecOps tooling and project demands. For Example Azure DevOps, Jenkins, TeamCity and more. Equally, our test automation services support UI (Web) along with BDD, Service layer (API), Desktop applications (Windows) and Mobile (iOS and Android). Overall, giving your team the capability to mature your test automation standards and coverage, while addressing project risks and challenges too.

We support all end to end test automation, including:


Alignment to DevSecOps processes and workflows


Automation Framework Design & Implementation


Test Scripting, Maintenance & Validation


CI/CD tool integration


SaaS Enterprise integration and automation e.g. Salesforce and Sap

Performance Testing Services

Firstly, we start by aligning our engineering approach to your enterprise performance and scalability goals and customer needs. Secondly, our expert engineers leverage DevSecOps best practices to consistently ensure performance bottlenecks are identified as early as possible. Thirdly, we focus on profiling your system capturing benchmarks and baselines with performance metrics. As a result, your business systems and applications are scalable and future-proof to support growing demands.

To illustrate, our team often work directly with your business owners, architects and tech leads to understand performance requirements.  So we can then determine the best performance testing pipelines that compliment your CI/CD workflows. Additionally, we identify tuning opportunities from all component layers and provide recommendations to your team to support future growth and scalability needs.

Our Performance Testing Services include:


Defining best practices, performance metrics and implementing industry APM tools such as Dynatrace


Performance requirements gathering and analysis, test scripting and execution


Peak Load, Stress, Soak Tests, Synthetic Transactions and Alerting


Performance Tool Selection, Dashboard creation and Framework Design


Profiling, Tuning & Optimisation based upon customer business transactions

Application Security Testing Services

Our Application Security Testing (AST) services are aligned with our DevSecOps best practices to ensure that security vulnerabilities and code quality issues are identified and remediated as early as possible. Specifically, our team identify threats and quality issues from a source code and application runtime perspective. For example we implement white box testing and black box testing techniques like SAST, DAST and IAST.

With this in mind, our approach focuses on implementing the right AST solution to suit your team’s technical and non-technical requirements. Also, like our automation and performance testing services, we integrate with your existing CI/CD tools. Thus, embedding quality gates to ensure your applications undergo a smooth and secure deployment process into production environments.


AST Tool Evaluation & Framework Design


Implementation & Testing


CI/CD tool integration and DevSecOps processes

Some of the key Quality Engineering Enquires

What engagement models do you offer?

Time & Materials and Fixed-Price (Outcome based).

What tools do you have experience with in test automation?

We have strong experience across test automation from both the UI and Service layers including Selenium Webdriver with several languages including C#, Java and Python, Cypress, Cucumber and Gerkin frameworks, ReadyAPI and Postman, Mobile (iOS and Android)

Which tools have you used in the Application Security Testing space?

Our professional services team have used a wide range of SAST and IAST tools including SonarQube, Synopsys CodeSight, Coverity and Seeker solutions.

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