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Our client is a small regional bank with branches across several states in Australia, has been in operation for over 75 years and has grown to serve more than 270,000 customers. However, the bank faced challenges as its traditional infrastructure, consisting of on-premises data centers and legacy technologies, was no longer able to meet the growing demands for digital banking services. To address these challenges, the bank embarked on an ambitious transformation program a couple of years ago. This banks digital transformation embraced new cultural norms and modern technology.


A standardized framework for assessing operational readiness is created, which enables consistent evaluation of capabilities across the organization.

Increased efficiency and accuracy of the deployment process.

Enhanced Observability solutions are implemented to monitor systems and applications, resulting in improved visibility into the performance of critical systems.

Ensured high availability and fault tolerance of the bank's applications, resulting in improved system reliability and uptime.

Backup and restore activities are implemented, resulting in improved resilience and availability of critical data and applications.

Reduction in vulnerabilities, strengthened the bank's overall security posture.

In summary, the banks digital transformation program has enabled the bank to position itself for future growth and success in a digital-first banking landscape, with a more agile, efficient, and secure infrastructure.


The objective of the project is to harness the potential of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Kubernetes to significantly improve speed and digital capability. By migrating to GCP and implementing Kubernetes, the bank aims to enhance its scalability, performance, security, and agility while also reducing infrastructure costs.

To ensure the banks digital transformation was successful, they engaged a team of cloud experts from TL consulting to help with their rapid change needs. TL Consulting supported the bank with the following tasks:


Established an operational readiness assessment model across various capabilities, including IT operations, security operations, observability, and maintenance


Conducted an operational readiness assessment to review and identify any risks and potential mitigations that may arise during and post migration


Develop and implement Terraform modules for automating the infrastructure deployment and configuration process


Assess the bank's current observability and release management landscape to identify gaps and areas for improvement


Design and implement observability solutions to monitor the bank's systems and applications, and ensure that critical events are captured, alerted, and resolved in a timely manner.


Conduct a review of the current delivery process of platform engineering to identify areas for improvement in the CI/CD pipeline.


Deploy Kubernetes workloads and ensure high availability and fault tolerance of the bank's applications.


Implement backup and restore activities to ensure the availability and resilience of critical data and applications.


Build efficient pipelines for source code build, integration, and versioning using Gitlab. 


Fixing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure, containers, and applications.

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