Application Modernisarion


Case Study: “Service Mesh” in Application Modernisatio


Client Profile:

The client in question is one of the large online retailers with global presence. The application is legacy e-commerce platform built as a giant monolith application.

Client’s architecture consists of a multi-channel (mobile and web) front end application developed using React JS and tied together using a backend service developed using legacy Java/J2EE technology and hosted on their own data center.

There is an ongoing project to split this giant app into a microservice based architecture using the latest technical stack and hosted onto a public cloud.

Client’s Organization needed to setup a deployment platform, which ensures high availability and scalable and resilient. Also, it should have cost effective, secure and high deployment frequency when it comes to release and maintenance.

Achieved Zero downtime deployments

99.99% availability. 




Service mesh provides robust set of features in resolving the key challenges and issues faced by the DevOps and, SREs in a microservice applications on cloud native stack by abstracting most of its functionality. And now it is widely adopted pattern and critically used component in a Kubernetes implementation.


Project Goals:

Zero Downtime/No Outage deployments and support of various deployment strategies to test the new release/features.

Improved deployment frequency

Secure communication between the services

Tracing the service-to-service communication response times and troubleshooting the performance bottlenecks

Everything as a code

Role of Service Mesh in the project: 

Achieved Zero downtime deployments with 99.99% availability.

Enabled the secure communication using service mesh’s TLS/mTLs feature in a language-agnostic way.

Using traffic splitting they were able to test the new features and sentiment in their customer base

Chaos testing was conducted using the service mesh fault injection features.

Operational efficiency and infrastructure cost optimization.

Helped to understand the latency issues, by distributed tracing.

No additional burden on Development teams to write code to manage these.

Case Study – Leading Entertainment Company


Problem Statement:

This leading entertainment company had multiple Jira & Confluence instances setup, each team using their own workflows and conventions.

It was quickly realised that there was a need to standardise the application utilisation and centrally own and manage the application because of their importance in compliance and knowledge preservation purposes.

As a result, consolidation had to take place between the different instances to keep all the information under one roof, and to minimise the management overhead to maintain these tools.

Client Outcomes – Metrics




Over 200 projects covered



We were able to exceed clients expectations as we delivered the migration faster than we had planned, and under budget by 15%. As part of the migration inter-systems links between 6 systems were updated automatically, object relations, links and data format conversations were migrated effectively, and Azure Active Directory authentication was handled. The data extraction, transformation, validation and migration process was all automated by leveraging the DM-BOT solution delivering major benefits for our client.

The TL Consulting Solution:

TL Consulting's DMaaS framework combines our Pro-serve team data advisory and analysis capabilities, with our own in-house built RPA Data Migration BOT solution.

The DMaaS capability caters for all the Client requirements and success criteria, with the DM-BOT being an RPA solution accelerator, automatically migrating and shifting large data volumes, while managing data integrity and relationships following a proven agile methodology (scrum).

The benefits of the DM-BOT solution include increasing accuracy and quality, intelligent automation, big data migration, efficiency and ROI to name a few.

“TL Consulting were extremely committed to delivering the project on time and on budget. Availability & professionalism were great, and the resources were highly technically skilled.” – Practice Manager

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