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Data Platform & Engineering Services

Enable your data & analytics with automated, sustainable data engineering workflows to drive accelerated time-to-value.

We help organisations design, build and run resilient & scalable modern data platforms 

We specialise in Microsoft Azure, Databricks and open source technology, leveraging proven data architecture & design practices to help organisations implement and operate Modern Data Platforms. 

We can uplift your data estate from all aspects of data management including data integration & ingestion, data migration, data transformation & enrichment to uplift your data for analytics. 

Data Integration

We help integrate and ingest data onto your data platform from multiple sources using a variety of tools & frameworks. Our patterns support structured, semi-structured and unstructured data from different source types such as database, files and REST API.

Data Migration

We have strong expertise delivering source-to-target Big Data migrations leveraging proven migration strategies and delivery models. We employ a structured approach to deliver migrations end-to-end with data quality & data integrity embedded at the core.

Data Pipelining

We design and implement automated, master data pipelines with delta mechanisms for each data ingestion pattern, promoting standardisation and re-usability while accelerating transformation, reducing bottlenecks and manual steps along the way.

Data Transformation

We employ various frameworks & architecture patterns such as the medallion architecture to standardise ETL and ELT workflows to incrementally clean, standardise and model your data ready for analytics.

Data Quality

We build automated data quality engines embedded as part of the data pipeline to drive automated data validation checks, providing metadata driven metrics against defined data quality rules.

Data Testing

With Quality Engineering as a core capability, we provide data testing solutions that complement your data engineering teams workflows and provide high quality outcomes & business confidence.

Modern Data Platforms

Our team of certified data experts have strong expertise implementing Data Lakehouse technology with Microsoft Azure services including Data Factory, Data Lake Storage, Databricks & Delta Lake and open-source tools such as dbt, Apache and Great Expectations underpinned by robust data governance & data management practices.

We work towards enabling unified analytics, faster time-to-insight and help organisations make business decisions with better confidence. 

Our Data Engineering Process

We offer specialised data engineering services that drive transformative value for organisations, enabling them to maximise the value of their data estate. We leverage our data expertise to design, implement and operationalise scalable data platforms, automated pipelines and solutions to accelerate time-to-insight and time-to-value.

Key Industry Insights

Explosive Growth in AI Adoption
0 %

The number of organisations leveraging SaaS-based LLM APIs (such as OpenAI) grew significantly by 1,310% between November 2022 and May 2023. This trend underscores the vast potential of AI to revolutionise industries by enhancing decision-making and creating more personalised customer experiences.

Growth in Data Integration
0 %

The data integration market is the fastest-growing market with 117% YoY increased adoption. Organisations are using technologies such as dbt (open-source) and Fivetran as data pipelining tools to rapidly integrate upstream & downstream data. This enables more advanced use cases to produce trusted data sets for reporting, ML modelling and operational workflows.

Migrating to Databricks Lakehouse
0 %

61% of customers on Databricks have migrated from on-premise & cloud data warehouses, signifying a strong shift in how organisations are positioning their data lakehouse strategy. The volume of data in the Delta Lake has grown 304% YoY.

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Understanding Data and AI​​

What are your Data Services engagement models?

We offer several engagement models to suit your business requirements & demand management, either Fixed Price (Outcomes Based) or Time & Materials based on the skills & capabilities that you require for a specific period of time. We offer a flexible, breathe-in/breatheout model to scale resourcing based on demand. 

What benefits can my business expect from adopting modern data platforms?

Adopting modern data platforms and solutions can enable your business to be more agile, drive faster insights & decision making and unify your data for analytics purporses. Our Modern data platform solutions also provide resilient and scalable architectures to drive cloud-scale analytics  and help you innovate faster & drive better competitive advantage.

How do you ensure the security of cloud-native applications and infrastructure?

Security is a top priority in data platform environments. We employ a comprehensive approach to security that includes implementing industry best practices for identity and access management, encryption, data masking, network security, and vulnerability management. 

What level of expertise do your consultants have in data tools and technologies?

Our consultants are highly skilled and certified in the Microsoft Azure stack and Databricks however offer multi-cloud experience and exposure to working with a variety of open-source tools and frameworks such as Apache (Kafka, Spark, Airflow) to name a few alongside dbt for data transformation, processing and modelling. 

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