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TL Consulting are a Microsoft Solutions Partner in the Azure Digital & App Innovation and Data & AI domains. Our certified and qualified pro-serve consultants work closely with your SMEs to advise, uplift and transform your Azure environments. Our Cloud-Native approach leverages Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure solutions, DevSecOps and data to fast-track your cloud journey and ensure future business resilience.


TL Consulting collaborates closely with GitHub to integrate modern DevSecOps practices into your development pipelines. Leveraging GitHub’s Copilot, advanced version control and automation tools, our experts help streamline your workflows, strengthen your security & compliance, enhance collaboration, and implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) processes. As one of the few Australian organisations specialising in DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure we are uniquely positioned to address your DevOps needs.


Through our partnership with Broadcom, we offer comprehensive solutions for cloud infrastructure management and enterprise software development. Broadcom’s innovative technology, combined with our expertise, enable optimised network performance, reliable cloud services, and enhanced data analytics capabilities. This alliance ensures your enterprise scales efficiently while maintaining high performance across all operations.


Working with Dell provides robust infrastructure and storage solutions tailored to your business needs. Our focus on leveraging Dell’s hardware and software offerings ensures that your data centres and cloud environments are built on secure, scalable, and efficient technologies. This partnership enables us to deliver high-performance computing environments that are crucial for data-intensive applications and AI services.


As a core partner to TL Consulting, Enov8 delivers expert advisory and implementation services for data masking and compliance. Using Enov8’s Data Compliance Suite (DCS) we automate data refresh processes and embed compliance measures to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in non-production environments. Our partnership empowers centralised management and orchestration of your data operations through Enov8’s comprehensive DataOps platform.


As partners with Synopsys, TL Consulting enhances your software security and quality throughout the software development lifecycle. Utilising Synopsys tools, our consultants implement rigorous security testing and risk assessments within your DevSecOps environments. This collaboration helps to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities early, ensuring robust security in your software development and cloud operations.