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Digital and Application Innovation

Leverage our digital and application solutions to innovate your operational workflows and enhance customer engagements – positioning your business for a future of exponential growth.

We help organisations reach operational excellence with resilient and cutting-edge Cloud Native solutions.

Partnering with TL Consulting means leveraging our expertise in Microsoft Azure and GitHub, which includes cloud-native capabilities like Kubernetes and Azure container apps for streamlined and sustainable engineering. Our approach simplifies complexity and focuses on platform engineering and Developer Experience (DevEx), with a focus on building agile, secure and resilient, cloud-native solutions to achieve operational excellence. 

We help organisations streamline their cloud journey and drive value by unifying their business & technology goals. We provide future-proof and highly available solutions to streamline processes and significantly boost your responsiveness to market dynamics, maximising time to value and ROI with automation at the core of our practices.

Advisory & Strategy

We simplify cloud adoption with our advisory, strategy & architecture expertise to reach your business objectives and ensure future business resilience. We work with your team to define your cloud-native strategy & direction.

Solution Design & Implementation

We help organisations design and build modern, scalable & resilient cloud-native solutions across hybrid & multi-cloud environments. We specialise in driving transformational value through Microsoft Azure solutions, including Container Apps and App Service solutions.

Platform Engineering

We deliver sustainable platform engineering solutions & practices, including Kubernetes, security and observability implementation services in alignment to the Azure Well-Architectured design patterns and architecture best practices.

Modern Application Development

We provide app modernisation solutions that align with your cloud-native strategy. We help organisations design scalable, resilient and agile cloud-native applications, transition from monolithic applications to microservices and utilise serverless computing for cost-efficient architectures.

DevSecOps & Developer Experience

We help organisations uplift their DevSecOps & CI/CD practices leveraging Azure DevOps & GitHub, enabling automated, streamlined deployments & improved developer productivity, to reduce time-to-value and increase ROI.

Transition & Operations

To ensure your organisation reaps ROI from your cloud-native journey, our team prepares your team for operational readiness, supporting transition, upskilling & handover to ensure your teams are equipped to support your cloud operations from Day 1.

Our Services

Cloud Services

We provide cloud services across advisory & strategy, transformation & support services designed to help organisations respond faster to dyamic market conditions, maintain resilient, secure & cost-efficient architectures to improve operational agility, enhance security and increase ROI.

DevSecOps Services

Our DevSecOps & CI/CD services enable organisations to deliver faster, scalable and streamlined deployments that accelerate time-to-value and improve developer productivity. This enhances security & compliance by enabling the delivery of secure, high quality software at speed.

Our Cloud Services Capabilities

Our Cloud Service capabilities spans across all technology layers, enabling organisations to find confidence in a trusted technology partner to help adopt and drive value from their cloud journey. 

Our Microsoft Azure expertise enables us to design modern, cloud-native applications leveraging Azure technologies including Azure Container Apps, Serverless and Kubernetes, driving modern solutions that are cost-efficient.

Outcomes We Deliver

Reduced IT Costs

Minimise your operational expenses with our optimised cloud strategies that significantly reduce the need for extensive hardware and dedicated IT staffing.

Reduced time-to-value

Enhance your operational flexibility and manage increased workloads without compromising performance or security.

Increased Business Confidence

Ensure business continuity with our robust cloud-based disaster recovery solutions, offering rapid data restoration and fail-safe mechanisms to protect against downtime & data loss.

Data Security & Compliance

Protect your data and meet regulatory compliance with our cloud security solutions that include risk assessments and automated compliance checks.

Improved Developer Productivity

Our DevSecOps capabilities enable faster, automated & streamlined deployments that improve developer experience & productivity, and reduces time-to-value and increases ROI. ​

Data Accessibility & Integration

Streamline your operations with our cloud solutions that provide easy data access and integration capabilities, enabling enhanced decision-making and operational synergy across the business.

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