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DevSecOps Services

Embrace DevSecOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to accelerate time-to-value, developer productivity and ROI. 

We help streamline development teams workflows & increase productivity. 

Our certified DevSecOps experts can help guide your software development to accelerate time-to-value, developer productivity and ROI.

We employ cutting-edge methodologies, such as infrastructure as code (IaC), automated security testing, and continuous monitoring to ensure that security is integrated into every stage of your software development.

By working with us, your organisation will adopt a proactive security approach, minimise vulnerabilities, and align with stringent compliance standards, all while accelerating deployment cycles and improving software quality. This holistic approach to DevSecOps enables your business to deliver secure, high-quality software faster and more reliably.

Streamline Development Processes

We simplify development, build & deployment workflows leveraging our proven blueprints, design patterns & automation to drive cost-efficiency, scalability and streamlined delivery.

Improve Developer Productivity

We help organisations build strong CI/CD practices leveraging cutting-edge technologies. We help organisations adopt GitHub & CoPilot to increase developer productivity and deliver tangible business outcomes faster.

Secure Pipelines & Code

We leverage proven code security patterns to shift security as far left as possible in the SDLC, providing business confidence on secure and robust code shipped to production.

Our DevSecOps Capabilities

Our team have a wealth of experience delivering capability uplift across the DevSecOps lifecycle from planning right through to monitoring & operations. Our approach to DevSecOps has always been holistic and advisory-led, ensuring there is a clear alignment between People, Process and Technology alongside governance to enable developers to deliver rapid & high quality outcomes with security embedded at the core. 

DevSecOps Services & Solutions

DevSecOps Advisory & Architecture

We provide DevSecOps advisory services to evaluate your current frameworks to identify vulnerabilities and compliance gaps to provide you with clear insights tailored to your business challenges. Our DevSecOps advisory assists you in strategic planning to craft actionable roadmaps that align with your business goals and integrate industry best practices to optimise your DevSecOps environment.

Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement

Our Platform Engineering and Cloud Migration services focus on moving legacy systems to modern, scalable cloud platforms with minimal disruption. Using strategies like Azure Serverless, Kubernetes, and microservices development, we streamline your migration to enhance performance and resource efficiency. Our approach improves flexibility and operational excellence, helping your business adapt swiftly to market and technology shifts.

Security & Automation Integration

DevSecOps advocates for proactive security measures throughout the development process, like code analysis, vulnerability scanning, and threat modelling. By embedding security at every stage of the DevOps lifecycle, organisations can detect and address security risks early, minimising the chances of security breaches and ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates.

Technologies We Work With

Our DecSecOps experts are tool-agnostic and specialise in driving tangible business outcomes by building and enabling standardised frameworks and best practices across CI/CD (build, test deploy), secure coding, compliance and risk management. 

We work towards enabling better observability into your business operations to ensure business continuity, resilience & proactive monitoring for your entire technology stack.

GitHub Partnership

As a GitHub partner in the DevSecOps domain, TL Consulting are uniquely positioned to help organisations adopt GitHub.

Whether you’re looking to leverage GitHub Actions to build streamlined CI/CD workflows or harness the power of Copilot boost your developer’s productivity, our expert team are here to guide your DevSecOps journey to innovation and efficiency with GitHub to deliver fast, secure & high quality software. 

Industry Insights

of developers are using AI coding tools
0 %

In the 2023 report by Github, they found that a majority (92%) of developers are using and experimenting with AI coding tools. In addition, 81% of developers believe it will make their teams more collaborative. 

Faster Task Completion
0 %

Research into GitHub Copilot’s impact on developer productivity & happiness, it was identified that developers who used GitHub Copilot completed tasks significantly faster than the developers who didn’t use GitHub Copilot.

increase in productivity in 3 months
0 %

Commonwealth Bank saw a 30% increase in efficiency with their GitHub Copilot implementation, underscoring the value of AI integration and a focus on the software development process.

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Understanding DevSecOps​​

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is a practice that integrates security into every phase of the software development lifecycle, ensuring that security is a shared responsibility among development, security, and operations teams.

Why is DevSecOps important?

DevSecOps ensures that security is not an afterthought but a core part of the development process, reducing vulnerabilities, improving compliance, and speeding up delivery times by catching issues early.

How does DevSecOps differ from DevOps?

While DevOps focuses on collaboration between development and operations to speed up software delivery, DevSecOps incorporates security into this collaboration, ensuring that security is embedded throughout the process.

Can you help us implement DevSecOps from scratch?

Yes, we offer comprehensive end-to-end DevSecOps implementation services. Our process encompasses an initial assessment and strategy consulting, followed by tool selection, integration, and continuous support to ensure optimal performance and security.

What DevSecOps services do you offer?

Contact us to learn how we can tailor our services to your unique business challenges. Below is a guideline of the services we offer:

DevSecOps Advisory & Architecture:

    • Evaluate current frameworks, identify vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps.
    • Provide strategic planning and actionable roadmaps aligned with business goals.
    • Integrate industry best practices to optimise your DevSecOps environment.

Operational Excellence & Continuous Improvement:

      • Platform Engineering and Cloud Migration services to modernise legacy systems.
      • Utilise Azure Serverless, Kubernetes, and microservices for enhanced performance and efficiency.
      • Improve flexibility and operational excellence to adapt to market and technology shifts.

Security & Automation Integration:

    • Implement proactive security measures like code analysis, vulnerability scanning, and threat modelling.
    • Embed security throughout the DevOps lifecycle to minimise security risks and ensure compliance.

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