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Accelerating Digital Innovation with Advanced Data Pipelines for a Big Four Bank

What We Achieved

Accerated Onboarding Process

Enabling faster deployment and scalability of applications across various streams with 80% of teams being onboarded in 8 months.

Enhanced Data Pipeline Management

Apache Dataflow and Apache Spark, resulting in faster and more efficient data processing. This leads to quicker insights, improved decision-making, and potentially greater competitive advantage through data-driven strategies.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Reliability

Our emphasis on observability and release management around data pipelines enabled us to achieve superior monitoring, debugging, and control over the deployment process. This resulted in decreased downtime, fewer errors, and seamless deployments. These improvements boosted operational efficiency, saved time, and upheld high service standards.


  • Big Four Bank

Technologies Used

  • Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • Dynatrace
  • Google Dataflow
  • Apache Spark
TL Consulting offered a distinctive blend of advisory and engineering expertise, contributing significant value to our bank during our two-year transformation journey. The value proposition was a model that facilitated 65,000 deployments per month, granting us a competitive edge, faster time to value, and empowering internal teams to accelerate customer feature releases.

I wouldn't hesitate to consider partnering with TL Consulting again, given their exceptional expertise and contributions.
Big Four Bank, Melbourne
Product Owner

The Challenge

The Big Four Bank aimed to undergo a significant digital transformation, targeting a tenfold improvement in speed and digital capability. However, they faced challenges in streamlining their CI/CD process, ensuring robust security controls, and maintaining governance over application workload deployment.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, the Big Four Bank adopted the Harness continuous delivery platform. TL Consulting was engaged to accelerate the platform’s onboarding process and boost its adoption across different platforms. We streamlined the onboarding process and enhanced key operational features such as observability and release management. In addition to this, we collaborated with Harness on product customisations and efficiently diagnosed and resolved defects.

The Outcomes

  • Enhanced CI/CD processes facilitated through the Harness platform.
  • Improved security controls and governance over deployment procedures.
  • Advanced operational capabilities such as observability and release management

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