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Enhance developer productivity, drive value faster to your customers and secure your development with our GitHub consulting services.
One of the Few Australian Companies Certified In GitHub DevOps

The DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure Specialisation is one of the highest recognitions by Microsoft and TL Consulting is one of the few Australian companies specialised in GitHub. It is awarded to partners who have demonstrated extensive knowledge, robust processes, and proven measurable success in implementing DevOps practices using GitHub. This specialisation acknowledges our proficiency in integrating GitHub’s powerful features into our DevOps workflows to drive business success for our clients.

We offer comprehensive GitHub consulting services, including seamless migrations, AI Copilot integrations, advanced security and compliance features, and expert training on GitHub.

Our Value Proposition

Accelerated Time-To-Value

Simplify development, build, and deployment workflows by leveraging our proven GitHub blueprints, design patterns, and automation. Our approach ensures cost-efficiency, scalability, and streamlined delivery. Backed by our DevOps with GitHub specialisation, we adhere to best practices and robust DevOps principles, ensuring you receive proven and efficient processes swiftly.

Improved Collaboration, Security & Code Quality

Leverage GitHub’s collaborative tools to enhance team communication and ensure seamless development. Integrate advanced security features like automated code scans and vulnerability alerts to safeguard your code. Streamline CI/CD pipelines for faster and more reliable deployments, and implement robust code review practices to maintain high standards of code quality.

Enhanced Developer Experience & Productivity

Implement AI-powered code generation to reduce manual coding efforts, increase code quality and accelerate development cycles. Copilot helps developers stay in the flow, focusing on meaningful work and improving job satisfaction. Our tailored GitHub training ensures your team harnesses Copilot's full potential to boost productivity and developer experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilise GitHub Insights to drive data-driven decisions. Our GitHub consulting services provide actionable analytics on repository activity, team contributions, and workflow efficiency. With detailed metrics and KPIs, we help you optimise processes, measure success, and demonstrate the ROI of your GitHub initiatives.

Our GitHub Packages

GitHub AI Copilot Integration

Migration Accelerator