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Enhancing Business Insights with a Unified Analytics Platform for an Education Company

What We Achieved

Unified Analytics Platform

Consolidated 4 disparate platform data sources (Xero, Zendesk, HubSpot, Bespoke Client Application Data) into a single, unified data analytics platform, providing a holistic view of business performance across Finance, Sales & Marketing, Customer Support and Relations.

Aligned Analytics to Business Questions

Designed, developed and deployed over 8 interactive dashboards in Tableau to be consumed by several business teams, aligning analytics with specific business requirements across the various business domains.

Delta Load Management

Provided a unified view of client subscriptions & products and enable customer relationship managers to track changes over time proactively. This was implemented using AWS serverless functions to ingest client data from their bespoke client application which was not supported by Fivetran for data integration.


  • Education & Training

Technologies Used

  • Fivetran (Data Integration)
  • dbt (Data Transformation)
  • Tableau (Data Visualisation)
  • Postgres RDS (Data Store)


  • Project Delivered in 6 weeks.
We engaged TL Consulting to establish our Data & BI infrastructure, TL were flexible on the technology and followed a structured delivery model to propose the best-fit solution in conjunction with the tools that we had researched. TL then built the data platform & solution to our specifications and the outcome was delivered in just a few weeks.
We felt TL offered great value for money, and the team were extremely professional & contactable throughout the engagement.
Education Company, Queensland
Product Owner

The Challenge

TL Consulting was engaged by an education & training company to establish a foundational data analytics capability to enhance operations across Finance, Customer Relations & Support, Sales and Marketing. The client was previously dependent on multiple disparate systems for data analytics. The objective was to transition to a unified data analytics platform integrating data from various sources like Xero, Zendesk, HubSpot, and a custom web application, providing a comprehensive and unified view of business performance.

The Solution

TL Consulting conducted an initial assessment of tools & technology in alignment to the business requirements, recommended and implemented Fivetran and dbt for data integration, data modelling & transformation. A dbt framework was delivered as an outcome to run in conjunction with the Fivetran ingestion loads for each source system, transforming raw data into analytical SQL models tailored to business needs.

The Outcomes

  • Designed and implemented Tableau dashboards – Over 8 dashboards were delivered across the 4 business domains to provide faster insights & analytics for decision making. This included defining the data model & table relationships leveraging the gold dbt layer. 
  • Implemented a modular dbt framework – With reusable tests, enhancing the scalability and maintainability of data models across each source system.
  • Configured automated data pipelines – With Fivetran & dbt for efficient and automated data ingestion and transformation based on the dbt framework
  • Supported training & onboarding for Tableau consumption – Including documentation to support rapid onboarding of business users.
  • Implemented Observability  – Monitoring & Logging of all data pipeline events to a separate log schema & enabled a slack channel integration for pipeline notifications

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