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VMware Tanzu and TL Consulting Partnership

VMware Tanzu Partnership

Modernize your applications and infrastructure to deliver better software to production, continuously.

TL Consulting is proud to be a VMware partner and is focussed on Modern Applications, using VMware Tanzu as the technology of choice to manage them in multi-cloud and native cloud environments.

Free your apps

Microservices, containers and Kubernetes help to free apps from infrastructure, enabling them to work independently and run anywhere. With VMware Tanzu, you can make the most of these cloud native patterns, automate the delivery of containerised workloads, and proactively manage apps in production. It’s all about freeing developers to do their thing: build great apps.

Your challenge is to speed up the pace of innovation while reducing cost and lowering risk. There’s a proven way to do this: Adopt modern software development methodologies and more efficient cloud computing models. VMware Tanzu customers are achieving results like this:

  • 400% faster release velocity
  • 83% fewer incidents
  • 80% faster security patching
  • 60% reduction in infrastructure costs to transition into a Cloud Native environment.

Why TL Consulting?

A VMware Tanzu implementation by TL Consulting will enable your organisation to deliver lasting change and grow through highly differentiated digital experiences.

Our team of competitively priced onshore engineers specialises in native cloud and app modernisation, and works closely with their VMware counterparts to devise and implement Tanzu solutions that address specific problem statements and challenges that our customers are encountering. The image below provides a high level overview of our services offered for each edition. VMWare Tanzu offers three editions Basic, Standard and Advanced to get you started.

Tanzu Consulting Services

Learn More about VMware Tanzu and TL Consulting

Find out more about how TL Consulting can help you on your Tanzu journey. Our work always begins with a complimentary discussion on how we might help you.

Click here to view our Tanzu services.

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