Cloud Migration

Cloud is the future

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of transferring company information, data, and applications hosted on servers to a cloud-based infrastructure such as AWS, Azure or GCP.

Keep up with the twists and turns of technology by transferring your organizations’ application data to the cloud. The benefits of migrating your business to the cloud are innumerable.

Migrating to the cloud allows for vertical and horizontal scalability in response to your organizations’ dynamic needs. By switching to the cloud your applications and data will be accessible on a global scale, allowing for improved accessibility and flexibility across your enterprise.

Sensitive data security

Operational efficiency

Usability and speed

Workload scalability

Security and stability

Work from anywhere

Lower costs with subscription-based models

TLC has vast knowledge and experience implementing ‘The 6’s R’s’ of Cloud Migration across a range of enterprises.

Rehosting: Also known as the ‘lift-and-shift’ approach transfers your data to the cloud with minimal to no change.

Data and information are ‘lifted’ from existing servers and ‘shifted’ to a new hosting source; ensuring there are no changes to your business’s data. This strategy is simple and secure and can be done swiftly.

Replatforming: Replatforming is where lift and shift and rearchitecturing find a middle ground. Minimal change is applied to the code of your applications; however, some changes do occur so that you can take full advantage of the new cloud infrastructure.

Rearchitecturing: Involves a total re-architecting of applications to suit the new cloud environment using cloud-native features. Re-architecting involves the altering of certain codes and applications so that your data can take advantage of all of the features offered by the cloud.  This process is lengthy and complex, but it will ensure that your applications and data are able to make the most of your cloud migration.

Repurchasing: Involves moving from one cloud service migration to another.

Retire: Remove any part of your IT portfolio that is no longer of use to your enterprise. Retire reduces the surface space you have to keep protected while organizing your team’s attention and directing it to what is most important.

Retain: Retain means keeping some of your applications. Not all of your enterprises’ applications need to migrate to the cloud. This will depend on your businesses needs, and as your business moves from on-premises to the cloud there will be fewer and fewer reasons to retain.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Readiness Assessment 

Cloud Readiness Assessment is an assessment that determines your organisations cloud maturity and readiness to transition to a cloud-based infrastructure. The assessment provides us with clear information on what cloud migration strategy will best suit your organisation, while providing you with key information that will allow you to plan and prepare for your transition to the Cloud.

Cloud Native Assessment

Cloud Native Assessment is an initial value-add assessment process that develops the best strategy for your businesses transition to the cloud. The assessment generates a comprehensive roadmap for the transition to Cloud Native. The roadmap details what applications should be transformed or migrated to the Cloud. The assessment also evaluates applications that have already been migrated to the Cloud, ensuring the maximum benefits of the Cloud as per Cloud Native principles (microservices, containers, automation, CI/CD, hybrid cloud) are being effectively applied. 


Moving ahead with technology and going beyond manual cloud migration, TLC has developed our very own innovative solution, AccelaBot, an AI accelerated cloud migration technology.

Applying advanced RPA concepts and intelligent automation security; AccleaBot migrates and validates applications automatically, making the cloud migration process rapid and reliable.

AccelaBot adopts re-plat forming principles that enable feature optimisations such as auto-scaling, that result in improved cloud resilience and security enabling accelerated cloud performance.

Extracting the best features of Agile, DevOps and CI/CD methods that align to Cloud Native principles, AccelaBot has reached new heights in migration scalability.


TLC is an Amazon Web Services Partner. AWS is one of the most robust digital on-demand cloud computing platforms built to help your business scale and grow.   


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